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Morrissey's Cards of Love


Morrissey's Cards of Love to Make You Smirk, Smile and Shed a Tear

Let's face it – only Morrissey understands your true feelings. And now he can help express all your sentiments with this collection of postcards to share with friends, family and disgruntled exes.

This touching set of tear-away cards (6.25" x 4" 100lb card stock) is perfect for any occasion and features playful visuals and cheeky Smiths references from the "Pope of Mope" himself. Exploring such themes as love, lust, boredom and self-loathing, these cards will have your special someone knowing exactly how you feel when you can't find the words.

So whether you want to "go out and find the one you love" or simply get your hands on your ex's mammary glands, these sentimental mementos are perfect for you.


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