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I've been fortunate enough to present portrait work to some of my favorite personalities. Figured it be a clever way to use my art to meet some of my heroes ;) 



Eric B & Rakim

Growing up Eric B and Rakim's album Paid in Full played a big role in my early exposure to hip hop. Being a longtime fan I was determined to present these portraits to the legendary duo during the DC stop of their long overdue reunion tour. Eric B shared some very kind words about the work and Rakim assured me this was going up in his studio. Success!

Paul Stanley of KISS

Anyone who truly knows me, knows growing up there was no other band I was more obsessed with than KISS. If only fourteen year old me could see this. Amazing.

Roy Jones Jr.

Best boxer of the 1990s. Growing up was my favorite AND STILL...

Lykke Li

Swedish dream pop indie queen, Lykke Li. Her music is simultaneously both happy and sad. Happy-sad. Very cool vibes at The Lincoln Theatre.


The Nature Boy Ric Flair

A legit boyhood dream. The Nature Boy Ric Flair gave the work a solid Woooooo, even requesting a pic to share with his followers. Special thanks to Ric's fiancé Wendy.

Dr. Jordan Peterson

I absolutely love Jordan Peterson's lectures on mythology, philosophy and why people generally behave the way they do. Through a mutual friend I was able to connect with him during his stop in Washington DC and present him with this piece. He and this entire team really went out of their way to express their appreciation. Felt good. 


One of the best female rappers ever and still the baddest. Loving everyone’s expressions in that pic :)

Johnny Marr of The Smiths

Few groups continue to be the soundtrack to so many people's lives like The Smiths, and few guitarists are as celebrated as Marr. Legitimately one of the most inventive players of the last 30 years and true gentleman.

Doyle of The Misfits

Another one for the boyhood bucket list. Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. A legit monster of a man.